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INDIAN | Views: 1700 | Downloads: 294 | Added by: PRANJAL | Date: 2011-04-28 | Comments (2)

Date: Thursday, 27 Nov 2008 20:39

Appalling journalism. Absolute blasphemy! As I watch the news from home, I am dumbfounded to see
Barkha Dutt of NDTV break every rule of ethical journalism in reporting the Mumbai mayhem ID . Take
a couple of instances for example:

In one instance she asks a husband about his wife being stuck, or held as a hostage. The poor
guy adds in the end about where she was last hiding. Aired! My dear friends with AK-47s, our
national news is helping you. Go get those still in. And be sure to thank NDTV for not censoring
this bit of information.

INDIAN | Views: 763 | Downloads: 153 | Added by: PRANJAL | Date: 2011-04-28 | Comments (0)

It is a disaster that

 A. RAJA  who is the main suspect of 2G scam is also indulge in Unique Identification Authority of India , whose total budget is 3000 Crore Rs.    

Case started against A.RAJA in starting of 2009 while the UID commitee formed on October 2009. Knowing the fact that Raja is involved in a scam still INDIAN PRIME MINISTER
Dr. Manmohan Singh added Raja in this commitee.

This  document itself tell the truth about corruption in Congress government.  
If you want to read more about 2G SCAM follow this link - 2G SCAM  

INDIAN | Views: 879 | Downloads: 179 | Added by: PRANJAL | Date: 2011-04-28 | Comments (0)